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Experience Matters: We See Beyond Materials — Valuing History, Craftsmanship, and Design.

Abbott & Oaks offers personalized service backed by decades of expertise. Our team understands the unique value of every piece, from large estates to personal collections. We focus on transparency and frequently give offers above market rates. By working directly with our clients, we eliminate added costs from auction houses and intermediaries, ensuring you get the best value for your items.

Step 1: Virtual Consultation

Share photos of your items. We'll review them and respond within 24-48 hours.

Step 2: Detailed Evaluation

Visit us for an in-person assessment or ship your items securely with our prepaid UPS label.

Step 3: Seamless Payout

Accept our offer and promptly receive payment, or consider our consignment proposal.


Selling my antique jewelry to Abbott & Oaks was an excellent experience. Their valuation was comprehensive, and the purchase offer was very fair. Their respect for the sentimental value was evident.

- Ben

Choosing Abbott & Oaks for selling my estate jewelry was one of the best decisions I've made. Their team was not just understanding but also exceptionally knowledgeable. They walked me through the entire appraisal process, giving detailed insights into each piece's history and value. The offer they made was not only fair but felt like a true recognition of the pieces worth.

- Grace

Incredible service! The process was easy. Austin is very knowledgeable about jewelry. I had a few antique items to sell, and he gave an extremely fair price. Much more than I expected!

- Martha


  • Why Sell to Abbott & Oaks?

    Expertise: With decades in the industry, our team is equipped to truly understand and evaluate the intrinsic value of each jewelry piece.

    Transparent Process: We prioritize openness and honesty, ensuring you're informed at every stage of the selling process.

    Competitive Offers: Our direct client relationships eliminate middlemen, enabling us to present offers often above market rates.

    Personalized Service: Whether you have a single item or a vast collection, we tailor our approach to meet your unique needs.

    Security and Trust: Our reputation is built on trust. Whether you're shipping your items or visiting us in person, your valuables are treated with utmost care.

    Efficient Turnaround: We value your time. Our processes are streamlined to ensure quick evaluations and prompt payments.

  • How are estimates determined?

    Age of the Piece: An item's age often tells a story, reflecting periods of design and history. Whether it's an art deco ring or a contemporary necklace, the era can influence its value.

    Condition: The wear and tear, restoration, or any damages are meticulously assessed. An impeccable condition can significantly enhance a piece's worth.

    Designer Recognition: Items crafted by renowned designers or brands typically carry a premium. We consider the reputation and influence of the creator in our evaluation.

    Provenance: The origin or the history of ownership can add an intangible value to a piece, especially if linked to notable events or personalities.

    Scarcity: Rare items or those with limited production often command higher prices. Our team recognizes and values the rarity of each unique piece.

    Desirability: Market trends, popular demand, and contemporary appeal play a role. What's in vogue can significantly impact an item's market value.

  • Do you charge for evaluations?

    All evaluations conducted by our experienced team are complimentary. Whether you approach us with an extensive estate collection or a single cherished piece, our goal is to provide clear, informed, and transparent assessments without any fees.

  • How will I receive payment?

    We offer payment through bank wire, check, and occasionally cash.

  • What are your consignment terms?

    We offer consignment options for select individuals, with a minimum consignment value of $1,000. The duration for a sale can range from 90 to 365 days. We provide suggested pricing for the items to be listed. The percentage commission is negotiable, dependent on the number of items and their respective price points.