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Abbott & Oaks' Mission - Merging Timeless Elegance with Modern Integrity for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Jewelry has always been more than just decoration—it's a reflection of culture, art, and personal stories. At Abbott & Oaks, we tap into this rich heritage, blending classic elegance with today's values. Our curated collections harmonize the ageless charm of the past with the progressive mindset of today, all anchored in sustainability for a better tomorrow.

Sustainable Fashion

We blend timeless elegance with modern responsibility, offering a stylish and sustainable alternative to the environmental burden of traditional mining for gold and gemstones. Our curated collections demonstrate that one doesn't need to compromise on luxury or quality when choosing sustainability. Unlike mass-produced items, our meticulously restored pieces showcase the enduring beauty and unmatched craftsmanship of the past, providing a heartfelt response to the wasteful cycle of fast fashion. Through this approach, Abbott & Oaks not only reduces the demand for new mining but also celebrates the rich heritage of craftsmanship, merging ethical sourcing with the timeless charm of vintage jewelry.

Reviving History

Every vintage and antique piece we acquire is more than just jewelry—it's a story. Through expert restoration and care, we give these items a fresh start, merging past elegance with present allure. We don't just preserve; we reimagine and reintroduce timeless beauty.

A & O Family Promise

At Abbott & Oaks, we aim to be your trusted guide in the often complex world of luxury jewelry. Our Family Promise is about treating you as a part of our family, offering transparency and guidance whether you're exploring our collections or seeking insights elsewhere. With us, you're not just discovering exquisite jewelry; you're gaining a reliable ally in this intricate industry.

Our Team

Austin Schoellkopf

Founder / Managing Partner / GIA AJP

Spring Schoellkopf

Senior Appraiser & Cataloger

Tim Gray

Head of Photography

Kyle Ahern

Senior Bench Jeweler

Emma Boyea

Marketing Manager

Chase Gray

Logistics Manager