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Current Size : 7.25

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Awaiting your purchase is this 12k yellow gold & sterling silver ring crafted by antique maker in this wonderful Georgian 3 stone design featuring sapphire and diamond. All gemstones are natural, earth mined stones, unless stated otherwise.

Please refer to the photographs for an accurate color depiction, as the video may not accurately represent the color.

    Appraiser Notes: This ring is solid gold, the only silver on the ring is where the stones were set.

    Metal: 12k yellow gold & sterling silver

    Main Stone: sapphire

    Secondary Stone: diamond

    Age: 1840s

    Era: Georgian

    Condition: Good condition, abrasion on table of sapphire & 1 chip on culet, 1 chip on each diamond, wear to bezel holding each stone.


    Size / Item Length: 7.25

    Length: 6.5mm (north-south)

    Rise Above Finger: 4.3mm

    Band Width: 1.5mm

    Stone Dimensions: s. 5.8 x 4.4mm; d. 3mm;

    Weight: 2.2g

    Total Carat Weight: s. .45ct; d. .216cttw

    Diamond Clarity Grade: I1-I2

    Diamond Color Grade: I-K


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